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Factors to Consider When Buying Crabs

Crab is one of the preferred delicacies that most people like in eating in different parts of the world. The crab can be prepared at home and also is sold in most hotels. It is essential for crab buyers to consider some factors when selecting the right type of crab. This ranges from the colour, activity and also the smell of the crab.

The activity of the crab at the time of its purchase is very crucial. One needs to buy a crab that appears aggressive or is moving. Dead crabs usually turn bad in a few hours and so they should be avoided. The colour of the crab is also crucial, and one needs to look for the ones that appear duller shell as opposed to the bright ones. People should also opt for the crabs which are shedding their shells. This is proof that the crab is fleshy. Know more facts at

When buying a crab, one needs to select a crab that has an odourless smell and avoid ones with the ammonia-like smell. Fresh crabs should not produce any foul smell. One should also check out for the claws of the crabs. A completely grown crab is determined by its claws. The crabs crush its prey using its right claws so one should check if the teeth are blunt or flattened. The size of the crab is not very important so people should not prioritise this when buying the maryland crabs online.

The buyer needs to select a crab at Crab Dynasty by checking on its belly if it is yellow tinted. The male crabs have narrow bellies, and the female has wide and rounded bellies. The belly has to be firm when touched. Crab buyers need to avoid the ones that have soft and blue tinge bellies. This is an indicator that the crab is losing its reserve and so it is not worth buying. The storage area of the crab plays an important part when buying crabs. Quite often, crabs which are stored in the water tanks tend to lose their reserve as opposed to the ones that are in dry places. One needs to find out from the seller the time that the crab was caught as this has an impact on its reserve. It is recommended to cook the crab within two days to enjoy the meal. The crabs can also be refrigerated if one is not planning to cook them immediately. If one buys the frozen crabs, they should ensure that the meat that is exposed is white in and not bluish. If its not white it is an indication that the crab was not properly stored and so one should avoid it.